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Tomas Bustamante


UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab needs your help telling people about a new project.

The UF Honey Bee Research and Extension lab is starting a new project and we are doing a community fundraiser through Indiegogo to try and get the funds to get it going. We are creating a free computer program for quickly collecting measurements from insects called MorphoMetric. This kind of software has applications in monitoring for pests (like Africanized honey bees), building citizen science projects (such as those through the Master Beekeeper Program), studying honey bee ecology and conservation, and engaging students with science education.

I thought that some of the members in your group may want contribute since beekeepers have always been important supporters of the lab. Could you please circulate information about the project and encourage your members to consider supporting us? Please let them know that even if they cannot help with the funding, we would appreciate help getting the word out so that other supporters or people that would also benefit from this software could learn about it. Could you please also share this information on any social media pages that you have? Here is a link to the project page on Indiegogo that contains more details, the contribution information, an overview of some cool things we are giving away to our supporters, and tools for helping us get the word out:

Also, if you happen to have any contacts with other community groups or organizations that may be interested in hearing about this project, I would really appreciate the opportunity to contact them. I am currently getting in touch with bee clubs and associations around Florida, but there are probably many more groups of people that would like to support a project like this. We have just a few weeks to reach our funding goal before the fundraiser ends, so any support that we can get would be amazing.

Thank you,
-Tomas Bustamante
UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory