Equipment Loan Program

The club now has equipment available for short-term loan to current members.

Mighty Mite thermal Varroa Mite killer
Both 10-frame and 8-frame units are available for loan.

When do you treat for the Varroa Mite?

  • Spring but 30 days after the Pollen Flow Has Begun
  • August when the Mite population peaks
  • Oct. to insure you are mite free over the winter
  • The Ambient Temperature must be 70 degrees F. or higher before running the Mite Mode.
  • For Double Deep Hive Bodies 80 degrees F is recommended.

How does it work?
Printed directions with pictures
Video directions

This is available to club members only. To join, come to one of our meetings. See details on our home page.

Units are available by contacting Joan Tuck at 954-512-4018. To see if the dates you want to use it are available please check the club calendar below.

Mite counts are highly recommended before and after treatment. Please add your counts to the google document located at:

Unit must be returned clean and with all pieces intact within three days. Cleaning procedure is in the included directions as well as online.