Beekeepers of Volusia County

This web site is for and about the Beekeepers of Volusia County, Florida, and for others interested in beekeeping in this area.

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1) No personal information collected by this site will be released to anyone. If you need to contact someone, please exchange contact information at one of the regular meetings.

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Club Announcements

  • ********************NOTE TO THE CLUB*****************Beekeepers Of Volusia County  Our next club meeting will be available for a limited number in person at the Ag Center on SR 44, in the inside meeting room on February 24th at 6:30pm.


    We will also be on a live zoom meeting at this address. This meeting will be recorded.

     Here is the link for the meeting: The agenda will be 

        1) Survey results with a review of last month’s meeting and follow ups.

        2)  build our plans for this year’s calendar of events.

    1.         a)   Presentations and live feeds from UF, 
    2.         b)  DAY IN THE BEE YARD for hands on training presentations.
    3.         c)  Members Presentations : Mead Making
    4.         d)  Volusia County Fair Plans

           3)  Ormond Environmental Canter Presentation (Most recent events-“Fighting Ants”)

           4) Marlin’s follow up to “WHAT TO DO ABOUT SWARMS & HOW TO PREPARE FOR IT NOW”.

      Anyone with ideas for what they want to see for 2021 can let us know their thoughts either in person or online at the zoom meeting.

      Remember, the club dues are due now and you can make your check out to the club or you can bring cash to the meeting.

      We will be giving Curt our club information to get the PAYPAL system added to our website for March but until then you must pay the dues at the meeting. If you don’t want to pay in person you can mail the dues to

            Tim Bloggett 
            2707 Timberlake Avenue 
            Deltona, FL 32725

  • Past notes:
    A letter from the VP

    I hope all our club members are doing well in these strange times.  I can tell from FaceBook that you have been busy working your Bees and helping each other through some of your Beekeeping challenges. I am very happy that all the Beekeepers that have posted questions have gotten help from within the club. It has been a very busy swarm season this year, I have seen posts from several club members about their swarm and bee rescue adventures. I am doing a cut-out tomorrow from an antique tractor, this will be a first for me, bees can find some strange places to make their homes. Several of our new Beekeepers have had hives turn to the “dark side” and get very defensive, with the help I think we have been able to bring the hives back into a calmer nature.

    As a reminder, we have a day in the bee yard in my backyard Saturday the 27th  at 10:00. I plan to complete my “Bee a hive detective” class, with hands-on training.  I have hives that have swarmed, swarmed, cut-outs and rescues. We should be able to do this and still keep social distancing and all that. This is a bring your own chair event and if you would like lunch while you are here please let Donna know.

    The UF Honeybee Research Extension Lab has been doing webinars featuring Dr. Jamie Ellis with experts from around the US. Links to these webinars can be found on the UF Honeybee website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text and we will endeavor to help.

    Marlin Athearn

    VP Beekeepers of Volusia Co.

    1. If plan to attend The Day in the Bee Yard and would like to have lunch that Donna is providing please RSVP to her by email: