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Message from the Queen Bee

Beekeepers of Volusia County,

We made an adjustment to the year’s calendar with the April “DAY IN THE BEE YARD” hosted by Larry Hurts at his house in Osteen. The members were given a demonstration of building hive boxes and the equipment he used to prepare the parts for assembly.

We had a good group of 22 members and several non-members that attended. Larry also kept the shop open after the marvelous BBQ pork lunch with two divine cobblers he and his wife served. Those that brought materials to build hive boxes and frames could stay and work with him on the project. It was a very good event.

There were a few things left from the swap meet. and from those items, we will hold a member’s raffle for something from those items.

We will be meeting at the Ag Center on May 26th.  I will send out the meeting agenda in the next few weeks.  We will also hold a small attendance raffle for those that are in the meeting and present on Zoom. You Zoomers must have your camera on to qualify for the raffle.

Upcoming Day in the Bee Yard

May 22 – “DAY IN THE BEE YARD” – MEAD MAKING with Curt at his barn located at 301 Coral Road, Osteen, 407-437-0178, Meeting time will be 10:00 am.

Items to bring, if you plan to brew your own.

Items specifically for the mead

  • One packet of yeast. Any brewery shop can provide recommendations on the proper yeast for the type of mead you’d like to make.
    • By type of mead, I mean sweet, semi-sweet or dry
    • I prefer a sweet mead, and use Lalvin 71B
  • Honey
    • The amount will depend on the type of mead and quantity you’d like to make.
    • I use 1.25 – 1.5 gallons for a 6 gallon batch, to make a sweet mead
  • Fruit of choice (if desired)
    • This is optional, as a traditional mead is simply water, honey, and yeast
  • Bottled water, in the desired quantity of mead.
    • I recommend spring water, not distilled water. This is due to the fact that distilled water has a particular flavor that can change the taste of the mead

Specialized brewing tools

  • Airlock
  • A fermentation container large enough to hold the volume of mead you desire to make.
    • For example: 1, 3, 5 or 7 gallons are common sizes at brewery supply shops.
  • Cork with a hole in the top, to put the air lock in

Items provided by Curt

Items for washing rinsing and sterilizing/sanitizing the equipment:

  • 3 large totes
  • Bleach
  • Clean water

Items for preparing the mixture

  • Turkey frier type of burner
  • Large pot to heat the ingredients in, such as would be used for a turkey frier
  • Large mixing spoon
  • Large funnel

If anyone is planning to bring supplies and make their own batch, please let reach out to Curt, to let him know. Hehas enough equipment for 2 or 3 people. Beyond that, someone would need to bring their own burners and pots