Links and Resources

Note that some of these links are presented more as “news items” or “items of interest” rather than recommended practice. Don’t trust everything you see on the internet. Before trying something new that you heard about on the internet, ask around at one of the regular meetings and check with a Master Beekeeper for advice.

General Beekeeping
University of Florida Honey Bee Research Lab
University of Florida Honeybee Lab YouTube Channel
Florida Melitto Files
University of Florida African Bee information
Florida State Beekeepers Association
Florida Beekeeping Management Calendar
Queen Rearing – Ohio State Beekeepers Association
Beekeeping history and general information

Legal Matters
Florida Cottage Food Law – Bottling, Labeling, and Selling Honey
Florida Cottage Food Law – FL State Beekeepers
Florida Cottage Food Advisory (summary)
Florida Beekeeper Registration
Florida Best Management Requirements / Compliance Agreement
Florida Right to Farm Act (law)
Florida Right to Farm Act (pre-emption, see page 3)

Control of Varroa Mites and Other Pests
Hop-Guard (video)
Jamie Ellis on Varroa Mite Control (video)
Bayer Bee Care – The Bee Gate
Univ. of W. VA – Mint, lemon grass oil, formic acid

Interesting Research Studies
Israeli researchers find what bees can teach humans about dieting

Build-it Project Info
Build-it-yourself Plans (a number of the links are “dead”, but still some interesting information here)
Taranov splits – More links included at the end of the article.
In The Beekeepers Workshop – Do-it-yourself plans from the Michigan Beekeepers Association
Build a Frame Assembly Jig (YouTube video) – Click here for PDF file of plans.
Modifications to the FatBeeMan No-Drown Feeder. Mods made by Stephen Clay McGehee.

Program Materials – Materials from some of our meetings. Please feel free to use them for your meetings.
Bee A Hive Detective, by Marlin Athearn, Master Beekeeper (Powerpoint file)
Bee A Hive Detective, by Marlin Athearn, Master Beekeeper (PDF file)

From the March 2015 Newsletter: Tom attended a workshop about black bears sponsored by Volusia County. In the state of FL Volusia County has the largest black bear population. 20% of the calls concerning black bears in Volusia County are related to beekeepers. To deter black bears in the bee yard, the biologist recommended baiting an electric fence with bologna or bacon daily.

Standardized Fluids for Calibrating Your Refractometer
Sunflower oil (Sainsbury’s) 25.0%
Olive oil regular (Sainsbury’s) 27.2%
Olive oil regular (Bertolli) 27.2%
Olive oil, Spanish extra virgin (Sainsbury’s) 27.0%
Olive oil, Italian extra virgin (Filippo Berio) 27.0%

Calibrating a refractometer.
Owing to the remarkably consistent properties of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, one drop of it on the slide will always read between 71 and 72 on the Brix scale. If you set the lock-nut to show any such oil at 71.5, you will have correctly calibrated the water content scale at the same time.

Queen color codes
2015, 2020 purple
2016, 2021 white
2017, 2022 yellow
2018, 2023 red
2019, 2024 green